Salesforce Admin Best Practices To Get Your Job Done

Salesforce Admin Best Practices To Get Your Job Done

Business owners know better than to slack in relating with their customers. For highly experienced businesses, customer gratification tops the list of their focus. To achieve this focus, every organization focuses on each stage of their customer experience, especially until they become loyal. Hence, CRM software like Salesforce is vastly revered among top businesses. These businesses even offer their employees Salesforce course. Alternatively, they employ admins with Salesforce certification. But in addition to Salesforce certification, we have identified five practices that make Salesforce admins exceptional. These practices are discussed below.

  1. Familiarize with New Functionalities: Salesforce rolls out new updates frequently. For instance, there was a recent Salesforce Summer ’23 Release. Like every other release, it saw the rollout of key functionalities that impact user services, sales, and their customers’ experience. You can offer your organization more assistance by knowing these new functions available through Salesforce. Furthermore, you can cut down on several redundancies and significantly reduce possible lags in relating with customers. Overall, admins that implement new functionalities fast impact their company positively.
  2. Socialize with Other Trailblazers: Salesforce has a trainees’ community enriched with resources and individuals. Trailhead Academy provides support for every member of the Salesforce community primarily through training. However, with a series of stories and shared experiences more support is offered through the community. You can be a part of the Salesforce Trailblazer community, especially those specific to the industry you are working. By relating with other leaders, you can leverage on their exposure to transform your career. For instance, you can collaborate on projects and get their support or guidance in debugging a system.
  3. Register for Dreamforce: Another common trend among the best Salesforce admins is that they attend Salesforce’s annual conference. The last edition came up between Monday, September 11th, and Thursday, September 14th. By registering for the event and being present in person, you can participate in hands-on workshops, breakout and theater sessions, and roundtable discussions, especially networking with members of different communities. And if you cannot attend in person, you can follow the event using Salesforce+ for free. Even now that the event is over, the best sessions in the conference are being streamed. This Salesforce admin tutorial helps learning hands-on and upskill your knowledge.
  4. Prioritize Users: This practice is universal because only a satisfied user will be eager to continue using the platform. In fact, the user needs to be prioritized when building a system or platform to feel satisfied. Many admins make the mistake of building a good system without prioritizing the needs of their users. However, the needs of the business executive and stakeholders of the organization you are working with should override what you perceive to be best. In most cases, these executives have a better understanding of their customers and employees than you do.
  5. Take Responsibility for Data Integrity: Data integrity entails the correctness, completeness, and consistency of a company’s dataset. Data integrity is highly important for trackability. It eases the process of searching and recovering data. You can save tons of time by ensuring that your data is full of integrity. If you do not take responsibility for presenting your users with correct data, especially those that are stored, you will lose the interest of such users. Hence, you have to put in place a standardized data approach and avoid any form of inconsistency in its handling.

Ending Note

Salesforce admins collaborate with business executives to customize the systems and platforms used in the company. However, their role does not end there. They have to ensure that the interface of the systems and platforms are upgraded consistently for maximum performance. Hence, this article explained the best practices that should be employed by Salesforce admins.


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